Music Monday – Sept 22, 2014

simon sez2I’m starting a trend…or maybe there already is one and I’m just late to the party.  Either way, I’m starting a #MusicMonday trend to reminisce about the musical interludes of my life.  Those of you who know me already know what an important element music has been to my background.  But for anyone who is new to me, I’ve been musical ever since I started playing piano in elementary school (does that mean I can still sit down and play a tune – big fat NO).

I do think that those of us who grew up around music tend to attach more memories with certain songs.  I’m not sure how the same person can love the Tchaikovsky, The Little River Band, Nirvana, U2, and Maroon 5 – but I sure do!

So to kick off the #MusicMonday series, here are 3 tunes that I’m digging right about now:

Mustang Sally: Of course, there is a story here.  My friends and I used to go see a band all the time and the bass player sang this song.  Pussycat Robbins, I called him.  And yes, there is a reason.

Add It Up – Violent Femmes:  Memories of going to see one certain band that played the perfect combination of songs – including this one.  That was back when I realized being female had some power attached to it – and I learned how to use it.

Rape Me – Nirvana: My friend and I used to go see another band (are you noticing a pattern here?!?) who sang this song.  I had never heard it before they sang it, but found the singer so incredibly sexy, that this is the song that always reminds me of him and that little tiny muscle in his wrist/forearm.
If it makes anyone feel better about this song being on my list, it is supposedly about the media raping Kurt Cobain…soooo….

What do these all have in common?  They bring back great memories of times when I was younger and figuring out life.  I definitely would not be the person I am today with having some of the experiences surrounding these songs!  And that, my friends, is the power of music!


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