Top 5 Football Stadiums to Experience a Game

imageIf you could choose the top 5 stadiums (college or pro) where you would like to experience a football game, which ones would they be?  Note, they hould not be ones you have already visited.

Here’s my dream list:

  1. Autzen Stadium – Eugene, Oregon – GO DUCKS!  Is this stadium really the loudest and most intimidating place to play?  Even though I’m a Clemson Tiger at heart, this open- minded liberal girl aligns with the values of Oregon much more closely. Plus, what’s not to love about Puddles, the adorable mascot and the ever-changing combinations of uniforms?!?  I choose this stadium based more on my love for the school and community than the actual venue.
  2. Rose Bowl  Stadium – Pasadena, California  – A) it’s the Rose Bowl, B) it’s in Pasadena, C)  huge games have been played here, D) did I mention that it’s THE ROSE BOWL?!?
  3. LSU’s Tiger Stadium – Baton Rouge, Louisiana  – The other Death Valley. I’ve experienced LSU fans at bowl games before and they are f:$&ing insane. What must a game and tailgating be like on their home turf!?!
  4. Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin – Surprise addition to the list for a Southern girl who likes her warm weather. But I want to see just HOW COLD it actually feels at the “frozen tundra.”
  5. Ohio State University Stadium – Columbus, OH – I have actually been in this stadium, but not for a game.  It did not feel much larger than Clemson’s stadium, but I would like to experience all of the traditions that surround a game there.

Venues where I have seen game (in case that explains why they are not on my list):

Clemson University, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, the Orange Bowl, the Citrus Bowl, the Gator Bowl/Jaguars Stadium, Tampa Bay Stadium, the Georgia Dome (way too many times), Panthers Stadium, UNC, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia Tech